Tarot Course - 8 weeks

Uncover the mystical power of the Tarot in this 8 week (16 hour) Beginners Course.

The Tarot is an ancient tool of self-development and oracular guidance. For centuries it has been used as a symbolic map to our unconscious mind, and widely understood as a visual expression of our archetypes, life journey and energetic complexities. It can offer insight into all aspects of our lives, especially the hidden truths, subconscious motives and the vast wisdom of the collective unconscious.

This is an experiential course that uses a variety of techniques to unlock the symbolic mysteries of the Tarot. By joining this Tarot course, you will learn the profound symbols and mystical power that allows you to communicate in a deeply meaningful manner with our higher self and those you do readings for.

Some students join as a means for inner exploration and personal use, some as a tool to deepen their healing arts practice, while others will be attracted to exploring a career in reading Tarot.

What you will learn:
-Know in detail all 78 Traditional Tarot Cards
-History of the Tarot
-Learn the hidden symbolisms of the deck
-How to tap into your intuition and Third Eye
-Conduct confident and accurate Tarot Readings
-Learn simple yet powerful Tarot spreads
-How to perform readings
-Tips and tricks in starting a Tarot business
- + more

This course is for you if:
-Tarot intrigues you
-You’re a beginner or have some experience and looking to build your confidence
-You would like to improve your life and/or help others
-You want to stop seeing a Tarot reader /psychic and do it for yourself
-You’re looking to improve your intuition and psychic abilities
-You want strong Tarot foundations to confidently give readings
-You want to start a Tarot reading business

Course begins January 13th, 2022
In person and online options available.
Tarot deck, guide book, course material and access to recorded sessions included.

Please call, email or stop by the shop to sign up at this time.
928 Kingston Road, M4E 1S5


About your guide - Heather Lee Kemp is a Spiritual Advisor, Healer and Claircognizant, with a background as an international yoga teacher. For 20 years Heather traveled the world in search of ways to heal herself through spiritual connection, intuitive means and deep personal work. She now shares her wealth of wisdom with her students and clients, by offering channeled readings, spiritual support and intuitive insights with loving awareness.

She firmly believes that the path to spiritual alignment is - inner exploration as means for gaining self-awareness and mastering self-acceptance and self-love. She lives in the knowledge that divinity resides within and we can access it at any time; if you are willing to practice spiritual truths, have faith and do the work in connecting to ourselves and listening to the limitless wisdom of the universe.
More about Heather visit - heatherleekemp.com