Canna Curious? - Cannabis 101 with Samara & Stacy

Canna Curious? - Cannabis 101 with Samara & Stacy

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Date: February 24th
Time: 7-8:30 pm with time available for continued tea and chat afterwards.
Join us for our first session on cannabis basics and stay tuned as we do a deep dive monthly into cannabis topics. 
This workshop will give you a deeper understanding of:
  • Why and how cannabis works
  • Benefits of THC/CBD
  • History of the plant
  • Parts of the plant
  • Medical VS Recreational
  • Methods of Consumption



Samara Attis - @samaraattis_cannabiseducator 

Samara Attis is a certified cannabis educator with over two decades of medical cannabis experience. Working with clients one on one to help incorporate cannabis into their health and wellness routine for a variety of ailments and disease. Living with adenomyosis and endometriosis, Samara’s area of expertise and passion lies in women’s pelvic health. Prior to working in the cannabis industry and starting a family of her own, Samara worked in the social services field where she gained a wealth of experience in working with a variety of individuals and organizations. Samara’s love for cannabis comes from the quality of life it has provided to her while dealing with chronic illness and pain. She sits in the board of directors and EduCanNation and has made it her mission to spread awareness and education about one of nature’s most useful and fascinating medicinal plants. 

Stacy Bobak - @educannation @cannadent

Stacy Bobak is a certified cannabis educator and recognized in the field as an industry leader. Stacy is a medical patient first and helps patients gain access to information about cannabis as a medicine. Stacy is a registered dental hygienist and teaches dental professionals about cannabis as it relates to oral and overall health through her company CannaDent. Stacy has worked with multiple college-level courses to review content and currently teaches in the cannabis program at Centennial College. Stacy sits on advisory boards throughout the industry and is sought out for her expertise on the plant. Stacy is one of the founders and Executive Directors with EduCanNation. Stacy’s passion for cannabis comes form personal medical experience, a love for science and an acute awareness of the need for professional and standardized education across the country.