Reiki and Crystal Reiki with Marisa - Fridays in the Shop

Reiki and Crystal Reiki with Marisa - Fridays in the Shop

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Reiki is a natural healing technique that guides universal Life Force energy into the receiver’s body using gentle touch for the purpose of balance, wellness, stress reduction, and relaxation. Reiki is also used for releasing energetic blockages in the body which can lead to illness if not removed. 

Crystal Reiki utilizes the powerful healing attributes of crystals and sacred geometry. Crystals have the ability to channel, focus and emit vibrational energy that can be utilized for the purpose of healing, grounding, protection, upliftment and enlightenment. Naturally, they make a perfect accompaniment to Reiki and can work to enhance the flow of energy. Additionally, this Crystal Reiki session is accompanied by a Singing Crystal Pyramid sound bath! Enjoy a powerful, deep state of relaxation while being bathed in the crystalline sound waves of a pure quartz crystal pyramid in order to restore the body to its natural harmonic resonance.

About Marisa:

Marisa Meléndez is dedicated to the upliftment of the human spirit through the re-connection of the energies of the womb and heart. As a certified Reiki Master and Crystal Reiki Master Teacher, Hot Stone Therapist, Holistic Nutritionist, and Arvigo® Maya Massage Belly Care Provider with a diploma in Massage Therapy, training and certification in Non-internal Pelvic Health, Holistic Counselling, Wellness Coaching, and Radiant Lotus Women’s Qigong, she coaches women along their body, mind, and spirit wellness journey and supports them in opening up to self-love.