Drum Circle - January 26th

Drum Circle - January 26th

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Where: Blossom & Tempest (928 Kingston Rd)
Facilitator: Mel (@alignwithmel) 
When: 7–9pm 
Cost: $26 

Join us in this magical drum circle where you have full permission to let your hair down, and tune into the rhythm of your soul! 

This is a safe container to let go of any stress, insecurities, doubts, worries... and to just HAVE FUN!!!! These circles have a way of realigning us with the best versions of ourselves!

Awaken your inner child, your inner artist, the version of you that wants to express themselves without words, in a tribe, co-creating something unique and beautiful together! 


Don't let that deter you from checking it out! You can bring any instrument you like! Maracas, chimes, tambourines, shakers... if it makes a sound - feel free to bring it! 

If you don't have that, there will be extras to pass around. We ask any musical friends to bring what you've got to the circle!! Somehow, someway, we always have enough instruments for everyone! 

In case you need more convincing... here's a list of benefits of participating in a drum circle!!! 

• Makes you happy
• Deep relaxation 
• Helps reduce chronic pain
• Boosts your immune system
• Releases stress or negative emotions 
• Helps reconnect you with the present 
• Personal expression & transformation
• Creates connection in a community 

Can't wait to see you there!