Full Moon Ceremony - With Mel - May 23rd
Full Moon Ceremony - With Mel - May 23rd

Full Moon Ceremony - With Mel - May 23rd

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Get ready to ignite your inner fire and embrace the enchanting energies of the Sagittarius full moon at our upcoming ceremony! Join us for a night of mystical rituals, guided meditations, embodiment practices, and soulful connections under the luminous glow of the full moon. 

🌟 What to Expect: 

● Sacred Rituals: Immerse yourself in ancient practices designed to awaken your inner wisdom and ignite your passions.
● Guided Meditations: Journey deep within as you connect with the cosmic energies of the Sagittarius full moon.
● Community Connection: Connect with like-minded souls and share in the collective magic of the evening.

🔥 Why You Should Attend:

● Transformative Experience: Harness the potent energies of the Sagittarius full moon to manifest your dreams and intentions.
● Spiritual Growth: Expand your consciousness and deepen your connection to the cosmos.
● Supportive Environment: Join a community of seekers dedicated to personal and spiritual development.

Tap into your inner wisdom as we journey together through sacred practices designed to awaken your passions and expand your horizons. Let the fiery energy of Sagittarius inspire you to dream big and boldly pursue your desires 🔥✨️

📍Location: 928 Kingston Rd, Toronto

🗓 Thursday May 23rd, 2024 

⏳️ Duration: 7:00 - 9:00pm

💳 Exchange: $44 (bring a sister & save)

👜 What to bring: journal & pen 

⏰️ You are welcome to come 10-15 minutes early to settle in. Please factor in time for street parking. The circle will start promptly at 7pm 🙏 

About Facilitator: Melissa Ford 

Immersed in the realms of energy healing and spiritual mentorship for over a decade, I specialize in crafting sacred spaces that serve as portals for individuals to reconnect with the authentic core of their being. Embodying a fusion of spiritual insight and ceremonial artistry, my work aims to illuminate the transformative potential inherent in every individual's quest for inner peace and harmony.


Instagram: @alignwithmel