Goddess Gathering - Thursday April 18th 🌾
Goddess Gathering - Thursday April 18th 🌾

Goddess Gathering - Thursday April 18th 🌾

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The Maiden's Path: Walking Boldly into New Beginnings

The Goddess has many aspects, facets, characteristics and strengths we can explore and welcome in... In fact, the Goddess is infinite expression - She is know no bounds. 

In this Goddess Gathering we will be exploring The Maiden Archetype. She is the embodiment of youthful vitality and boundless potential. With each step, she weaves through the meadows of possibility, her laughter echoing through the awakening world. The Maiden dances on the threshold of discovery, her spirit untamed and her heart aflame with curiosity. She is the essence of innocence and independence, a beacon of hope and light for those seeking new beginnings and uncharted paths.

Join us as we gather under the watchful eye of every Maiden that has come before us, helping us embrace the Maiden within ourselves. Together, let us explore the depths of our aspirations, reclaiming the power of spontaneity, play, creativity, laughter, and light - nurturing the seeds of our dreams. Through ritual, movement, playful exercises and heartfelt connection, we will honor the Maiden's presence in our lives, celebrating the beauty of youthfulness and the joy of embracing life's endless adventures.

Come, sisters, as we journey into the dawn with light in our hearts, illuminating the path toward growth, renewal, and the boundless possibilities that await.

📍Location: 928 Kingston Rd, Toronto

🗓 Thursday April 18th, 2024 

⏳️ Duration: 7:00 - 9:00pm

💳 Exchange: $44 (bring a sister & save)

👜 What to bring: journal & pen 

⏰️  You are welcome to come 10-15 minutes early to settle in. The doors will lock at 7:00pm.

Please factor in time for street parking 🙏 

About Facilitator: Melissa Ford 

Immersed in the realms of energy healing and spiritual mentorship for over a decade, I specialize in crafting sacred spaces that serve as portals for individuals to reconnect with the authentic core of their being. Embodying a fusion of spiritual insight and ceremonial artistry, my work aims to illuminate the transformative potential inherent in every individual's quest for inner peace and harmony.


Instagram: @alignwithmel