Rock With Care Gua Sha
Rock With Care Gua Sha
Rock With Care Gua Sha
Rock With Care Gua Sha
Rock With Care Gua Sha
Rock With Care Gua Sha
Rock With Care Gua Sha
Rock With Care Gua Sha
Rock With Care Gua Sha

Rock With Care Gua Sha

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Rock with Care is inspired by guasha, an ancient technique used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for 1000's of years.

Your Rock with Care will include:
1. an organic cotton pouch;
2. drawer box made from grass paper and cotton to house the stone;
3. the magic: a leaflet with information, directions of use, and illustrations.


Rock with Care is designed for use on the entire body, including the face.  Practiced correctly, benefits can include:

Less chronic pain - by elongating shortened muscles & releasing fascial adhesions.
Reduced inflammation & stagnation - by increasing blood flow, lymphatic & energetic circulation - referred to as qi in TCM (pronounced 'chi').
Elimination of toxins via the lymphatic system - aka: your internal waste disposal system.
Lifted & firmer skin appearance with regular use -  resulting from increased blood and oxygen flow.
Stimulation of acupressure points - we advise consultation or guidance of a TCM practitioner, for any techniques beyond massage.
Awareness of what's going on under the skin - and in yourself.
Movement of breathe - to places you didn't expect. 
and... many other potent benefits! 


We offer 5 engraving colours of Rock with Care

copper / etched / grey / gold / rose gold 
Your Rock with Care tool is made of Bian-stone, a material which has a history of healing therapy within Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).
Found along the coastline of Shandong, it is made from a variety of materials including meteorite and volcanic matter. Imagine the magic of space and underground coming together - super high frequency.
Every stone has distinctive markings – making your stone uniquely perfectly imperfect.  Your stone is not perfectly polished - to maintain its original properties.


Gua sha technique should be slow and mindful - pay attention to what you feel under your skin - muscles, bones, tissues, tender areas, soreness, etc.
If using the stone directly on skin, apply a face or body oil to avoid pulling the skin.
The optimal position for lymphatic drainage is to keep arms parallel to the floor, rather than next to your body.
Hold your stone relatively flat - the maximum angle should be 35 degrees when sliding it across your face or body.
Long or short strokes are okay, but only in one direction (no back and forth).
For more targeted areas on your body, use short strokes.
Think of your body as two halves. What you do on one half, repeat on the other.
It is helpful to use one hand to brace the other side of your face / body

Immerse your Rock with Care under cold water for several invigorating benefits.

  • Eye Area: no pressure (let the weight of the tool do the work).
  • Face: light pressure (imagine stroking a new born).
  • Body: medium or firm pressure only (never hard).
  • If lymphatic drainage is the goal, barely any pressure is required.
  • Licenced TCM Practitioners may apply deep pressure given their extensive education & knowledge of the body.
  • Consult with a TCM practioner if you are pregnant, are using blood thinners, or have any health issues.
  • Clean your Rock with Care with gentle soap and pat dry before / after each use.
  • Protect your stone from breaking by placing a towel or mat on the floor.
  • Store your box in the organic cotton pouch and drawer box provided.


  • Avoid using your stone on irritated or broken skin.
  • Avoid holding your stone at a 90 degree angle from your skin - this can lead to injury.
  • Ayurveda recommends that NO tools be used over the adam's apple, as this can disturb the thyroid.