Women's Circle   -   June 29  -  7:00 PM

Women's Circle - June 29 - 7:00 PM

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New Moon Women's Circle
New Moon in Gemini welcomes in inspired ideas and activations of our dreamiest life.  It will help us break free from cycles that have long held us in stillness and reawaken the inner warrior. 
During our time together on Wednesday we will gather as sisters, free of judgment, opinion or shame to step into the powerful energy of the Maiden.  As we sit in the essence of summer we are blessed to be in the free energy of the Maiden before she transitions into Mother.  What is the maiden? She is the energy of a woman who is free in her pleasure and desires, she is free, some would even say naive, but in that naivety she is able to accomplish great things due to her lack of fear.  Together we will step into our creative energy, set our intention in circle, cast it into water and rise together.  Set yourself free of the names and roles places upon you by activating/remembering your inner Maiden.
For those of you who don't know me, I am Jessy, an intuitive human who works with things like Reiki, divination, meditation, Yoga (many limbs of yoga), goddesses, elemental workings, astrology and many more things; I am always learning.  I have a beautiful passion for sharing feminine teachings with women and reminding us all of our power and intuitive bodies.  I have been hosting these circles at Blossom & Tempest for about 4 years now I believe and each one is so different than the last or the next.  I leave space for the group to create the intentional space but somethings you can expect are:
Astrology chats (especially when these fall on new or full moons)
Card pulls as a group and individual 
Activating meditations (this circle will be dedicated to your inner Maiden)
Reiki & Sisterhood healing practices like eye gazing or energy circles
maybe Kat will bust out some Runes ⭐
If you attend one, it will be a great time no doubt; when you begin to attend them consistently, you will see the true power of sitting in circle with women.  It is an honour to sit with each of you and witness you in your majesty, vulnerability and healing.
I truly believe that when women gather in circle the earth shakes the waves crash upon the earth in applause.  Let us remember the power we hold as women.  Let us remember our innocence and our intuition.  Let us remember that we are the oracles of this dimension.
Can't wait to see you to the new faces and the veterans of circle,
much respect, Jessy 
and of course, a huge shout out to Kat & Bridget for being such powerful and supportive women of women.