Women's Self Love Circle - February 9
Women's Self Love Circle - February 9

Women's Self Love Circle - February 9

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Women's Self Love Circle
Thursday, February 9
**please note the end time is an estimate and depends on start time and group size**
You are invited to dive into the depths of your own love and what that truly means.  Self Love is not a forced love, it is a nurtured, tender and ever growing devotion to your Self.  When we sit in circle we witness women from all walks of life at various stages of their journey home to them Self.  Taking place between the Full & New Moon this is an energy of release through awakening.  
This Self Love circle will feature a soul chat designed to unravel the belief that Self Love means we love ourself full every day all day, it will open you to a realm of acceptance, forgiveness and nurturing the Self within.  
A little about the evening:
8pm: Opening circle & Sacred Name Giving
We will journey into the energies of winter and harvest the energy of the feminine to hold us all. 
Various practices in pairs, groups and guided meditations.
Sharing your experiences and depths of Soul.
Devotional Letter Writing
Affirmation Sharing Pile
10pm Final Shares & Closing Circle
What To Bring:
Something to sit on please, we sit on the floor in circle, blanket, pillow, mat, whatever works for you :)
Pen & paper
Water bottle
Whatever supports you in circle 
What to wear:
Please try and wear red and/or white for this special evening together and please, no black.  No need to go out and buy anything, any colours will do.  We want to expand and strengthen our aura which is done best in vibrant colours so once again, if you can avoid it, no black.  Black is also a colour of absorption and since we are in a group of humans, we want to help ourselves by NOT absorbing other people's energy, another reason I request no black.
We look forward to sitting with you,
your forever sister,