A Case For Crystals

  Thank goodness for nature. A simple walk in the park often has the power to save my tattered soul in times of stress and anxiety. Immersing oneself in nature is one of the things that is recommended by doctors and mental health workers alike as part of a plan to help relieve a variety of mental ailments, such as depression and/or anxiety. Speaking for myself (and countless others, I’m sure), this unprecedented pandemic the world has been facing, along with the social, political and environmental chaos that has been plaguing our planet for some time have most certainly been contributing factors to the stress we are encountering in our modern lives.
    While much of the unrest and discomfort we have been facing is arguably necessary in order to propel us toward bringing about long overdue change, the journey we’re on as we navigate it all can surely take its toll. It’s important to realize that we can’t expect to stay on course unless we stop and take care of our mental health. So, what can we do to help ourselves stay motivated, focused and resilient? A large part of the answer may lie in nature. Most people are familiar with modern-day options for maintaining good mental health (the simple nature walk I mentioned earlier, yoga, meditation, psychotherapy, or a combination of all of these). But, there seems to be another, increasingly less unorthodox approach to mental wellness - and the masses seem to be taking notice. Nature is only the beginning; there might very well be far more to this existence on Earth than meets the eye!
    Have you ever considered the idea that the energy around us, and within us, is changeable? And what if you learned that one of the earth’s most beautiful, natural products (“crystals,” as they’re popularly called - seemingly inanimate objects) might have the power to shape, shift and/or alter energy around and within us, for the better? Many celebrities are loving crystals these days. Everyone from Kate Hudson to Jenna Dewan are fans, sharing their personal collections and experiences with crystals on social media. But let’s put the Hollywood stuff aside for a moment - this is something so much bigger than that. According to Nikola Tesla, crystals are actually “living beings.” What that means, exactly, I’m not sure. But, it’s believed that crystals are attracted to certain people and/or people are attracted to certain crystals. For example, purple amethyst is said to calm individuals who suffer from chronic worry or anxiety. It’s believed that black tourmaline can ward off negative energy (no more grumps raining on my parade!). Carnelian can be used to help overcome learned bad habits; it’s a crystal that may help us enjoy this colourful spring season by motivating us to spend less time on our phones and more time outdoors, for example. Rose quartz is said to encourage loving feelings towards the self, as well as others. That one in particular may be useful in areas of the world where people feel particularly divided - and there seem to be more and more places likes that.
    Blossom and Tempest has been selling crystals since first opening our doors on Kingston Road. The shop carries a variety of crystals that can be displayed in your home, worn as jewellery or carried around in your pocket in order to receive the desired effect(s). Those who are new to crystals may at first feel a bit daunted or unsure about how to connect with them. We encourage you to start an authentic relationship with crystals by coming into the store (or even scrolling through our crystal selections online!) to see which one holds your attention - it’s truly as simple as that. If visiting the shop in person, hold any crystal or crystal jewellery you’re drawn to in your hand for a little while. If your hand literally warms to it, its healing energy is one that you might need at that very moment in your life. The only way to receive the benefits of crystals, as with anything, is to be open.
    So let’s all try to be a little more open. If you’re struggling with stress, anxiety, depression, or wish to improve your inner life so that you can better contribute to the one taking place outside of you, try working with crystals. It’s true that skeptics may argue that crystals are nothing more than pretty rocks that are only useful for placebo effect. Whatever one chooses to believe, we seem to live in a global society that is eager to heal and change for the better. If crystals can be a powerful part of one’s journey towards that, why wouldn’t we all stand behind it? As human beings living on this planet, we will always have problems that need solving, and questions that need answering. While we’re searching for solutions, at the very least, we can all be assured that we live in a world coloured with wonder. And where there’s wonder, there’s hope.
Written beautifully by Karina Doob