About Us

Our Products 

At Blossom & Tempest we feel compelled to share products that have a story, that have been made with conscious intention and that act as gateways for positive feeling. We are a shop of nature based self ritual. Botanical bath salts, fine knitted wool, oil blends, stone & crystal talismans, candles for personal fire light and a selection of carefully chosen clothing lines are curated for the spirited individual who aims to flow through the day with beauty and ease.


More than Just a Store

Blossom & Tempest was born out of the duality which encompasses all aspects of life. The ebb and flow between the organized and the chaos, between the predictable and the uncanny, between the light and the dark. The shop, studio/healing space and all our carefully crafted events aim to provide a sanctuary experience with elements of empowerment, self-care and spirited community.