4 Inch Selenite Crystal Iceberg Tower

4 Inch Selenite Crystal Iceberg Tower

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Each selenite tower is approximately 4"

Selenite tower skyscrapers are a powerful cleansing tool for your home or office, and will continually purify and protect the energy of your environment. When you place 4 Selenite skyscrapers in each corner of a room, these crystals act as powerful protective shields, absorbing and dispelling all accumulated negative energies while creating a safe and harmonious space.

Each tower is cut with a point at the top, which helps to direct energy when used in crystal grids or meditation practices. Selenite is a powerful healing tool and is great for chakra work, reiki, or simply as a new addition to a crystal collection.

Since selenite is a soft mineral with a hardness of 2, continuous exposure to moisture can cause its degradation. Therefore we recommend keeping it dry at all times.

It is believed by energy healers that Selenite can help reverse the harmful effects of free radicals in the environment.