Fables and Frequencies: A Storytelling and Sound Bath Experience - Sunday, April 23rd

Fables and Frequencies: A Storytelling and Sound Bath Experience - Sunday, April 23rd

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Enchanted by the healing frequencies of live soundscapes, this story-time will whisk you off into other worlds while helping you understand your own. This is a gathering place to rest, connect, and dream. From fables and myths, to poetry and children’s books all stories hold universal truth and the power to unite us. Cozy up and open your heart to the soothing tones of your inner wisdom. 

Date/time: Sunday March 12th 7:30PM (1hr)
Price: $40.00

About Trish
Trish is a queer, petite, introverted Black woman, sound bath facilitator, restorative yoga guide and recreation therapist. Her personal experiences with mindful-rooted practices have created a positive effect in her own self-awareness, resilience and personal growth, inspiring her to share these practices with the world.

Living with anxiety, Trish discovered sound baths and restorative yoga as a way to effectively drop into a parasympathetic state to find rest, levity and a more grounded place from which to effectively tackle life’s demands. It is her hope that you find all of this in her offerings, too.


About Bri

Brianna is a vibrant womxn, artist, and embodiment guide. Navigating the grief, loneliness, and anxiety of her younger years she found refuge in the expressive art forms of dance and acting. Eventually, her curiosity for movement and emotional connection led her to somatic forms of healing. Brianna believes that tapping into the wisdom of our bodies and expressing ourselves is the secret sauce to living an empowered life. And that when we begin to meet ourselves with vulnerability and compassion we can create ripples of change in our world. 

It is Brianna’s mission to share the transformative power of embodied connection and expression. She offers safe and playful experiences for people to explore themselves through their brilliant bodies. The love and aliveness somatic practices inspire are for us all to experience!