Channeled Readings With Mel - Thursdays in the Shop

Channeled Readings With Mel - Thursdays in the Shop

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     Mel is psychic healer with over 9 years of experience. She is a certified Reiki Master, shamanic practitioner, ceremonialist, meditation and sound healing facilitator, and spiritual mentor.

     She is a psychic channel, using her clairvoyant and clairsentient gifts, to bring forth practical and grounded wisdom from your spiritual guides in readings; providing you with the clarity, tools and strategies needed that will help you transform your life.

     Mel makes the intangible, higher realms, palatable and accessible to all in search of spiritual guidance and healing. This allows you to apply the knowledge that comes through with ease, enhancing your everyday life. Awaken your inner truth and divinity to live in balance and harmony in all ways; body, mind and soul. 


Instagram: @alignwithmel